Have a Beautiful Dipping Powder Manicure at Home

Compared to gel polish, dip powder manicures are easy because it does not require everyone to be an expert at painting with both hands. Generally, right-handed women find it challenging to have gel polish on their right hands because their left hand is not dominant. The same applies to left-handed women who find it difficult to apply gel polish with their right hand. However, dipping powder does not require you to be an expert at using both hands. Besides, SNS dipping powder colors are available in a fantastic range of exciting colors to make it the most exciting manicure.

With people slowly getting back to work in most countries, nail salon parlors are the last services to open. Therefore, people have learned to have their dip powder manicure at home. With SNS nails colors, you can try out the exciting dipping manicure process at home. Let us know how to have your dip powder nail job at home.

How to Apply Dipping Powder Manicure at Home

Keep your kit ready

Dip powder topcoats can dry almost instantly. Hence, you should keep your kit ready before starting the manicure to prevent unnecessary hassles. The dip powder kit consists of nail cutting and trimming accessories like nail trimmers, nail buffs, etc. The manicure accessories like basecoat, activator gel, dip powders, and topcoat applications should be ready on hand. Similarly, the dip powder kit contains nail polish removing solution, cotton swabs, acetone, alcohol cleansers, lint-free wipes, cuticle pushers, cuticle oil, etc.

Prep your nails properly

The correct procedure is to prep your nails before the manicure. You can cut and trim your nails as much as you like before starting the dip powder manicure. Otherwise, if you have short, stubby nails, you can have nail extensions to make them look longer. If you have existing nail polish on your nails, it is advisable to remove it using acetone and the proper nail polish removing procedure.

The prepping job also involves pushing the cuticles deep into their grooves and preventing them from interfering with your dip powder manicure. Next, cleanse your nail surface with alcohol and lint-free wipes. Buff makes the exterior look rough and allows the basecoat to stick to it quickly.

The dip powder manicure

Cleansing the surface and roughing it up allows you to apply the basecoat. It is advisable to use thin coats while applying basecoat because thicker coats can cause the use of more dipping powder that can make the nails look ugly.

While the basecoat application is still wet, you can dip your fingernails in your favorite SNS dipping powder colors. It is better to take some dipping powder in a bowl and use a spoon to sprinkle it over your nails. It prevents nail infections from contaminated dip powder. Then, you can use a dry brush to scrape off the excess powder from your nails.

The dip powder has a dry top layer. Hence, the procedure requires an activator gel to bind the dipping powder monomers with the basecoat application. This activator gel keeps the dipping powder in place and enhances your manicure.

The topcoat application is the final part of your dip powder manicure. You can use a separate brush to apply the topcoat. The dip powder topcoat dries almost instantly. Hence, you need not expose your nails to UV radiation. A single coat or two makes for a matte finish. However, if you love the glossy feel, you should go for multiple topcoat layers.

The Advantages of a Good Dip Powder Manicure

Now, your dip powder nail manicure is ready for you to show off to your friends and loved ones. The best aspect of the entire dipping powder manicure is that it is amongst the most straightforward nail manicures. You can master the technique within no time.

Secondly, the dip powder manicure is the safest because it does not envisage using toxic chemicals like MMA, toluene, formaldehyde, etc.

Thirdly, dipping powder forms a protective layer over your nails and prevents them from damage. It also explains why you should take care of your cuticles at the prepping stage. Finally, it prevents the nail polish layer from lifting and damaging the manicure.

Dip powder manicures last comfortably for three to four weeks, making them rank at par with acrylic nails. On the other hand, gel polish does not last for more than two weeks. Besides, SNS nails colors offer an extensive range of color options.

Removing dip powder manicures is also convenient. However, acrylic nails need the assistance of professionals to remove them. In this context, color dip powder and gel manicures are similar.

Hence, you find dip powder manicures the favorite of women globally.

Final Thoughts

You can see that the dip powder manicure is easy to master. Anyone can do it with a little bit of practice.