How To Choose Self-Tanner While Pregnant?

Are you wondering whether it is safe to get a fake tan while someone is pregnant? If you are an expectant mom, then the good news is that a fake tan is considered safe in pregnancy. However, you need to keep certain things in mind while choosing a self-tanner. In this article, we will explain the best ways to choose a pregnancy-safe self-tanner.

Using Fake Tan During Pregnancy

You should avoid using self-tanners that contain harsh ingredients. According to health experts, a self tanner safe for pregnancy that won’t put the little one at risk will be very useful. Fake tanners work because they contain DHA that causes a chemical reaction to turn skin dark.

You can choose from tanning lotions to tanning oils based on the desired result. Since DHA only affects the outer layer of the skin, it won’t cause any harm to the baby. It doesn’t matter whether you are 4 days pregnant or 4 months pregnant; self-tanning products are unlikely to cause harm.

What About Spray Tans?

You should avoid using spray tans during pregnancy because breathing mist floating around the cubicle can harm the baby. If you inhale DHA or any other harsh chemical, then there is a high chance of putting the unborn baby’s health at risk.

According to health experts, you can use spray tan after wearing a mask while taking appropriate precautions. Furthermore, instead of using spray tan, you should find a drugstore self-tanner for face.

Best Way to Pick a Pregnancy-Safe Self-Tanner

Self-tanners that contain non-toxic DHA won’t get absorbed into the bloodstream. Hence, you can use non-spray self-tanners during pregnancy. However, you must check the ingredients that self-tanners include beforehand to make sure it is safe.

If one chooses a self-tanning lotion that doesn’t contain toxins and parabens, then the skin will get a gorgeous tan without affecting the baby’s health.

Pregnancy Hormones and Fake Tanning

During pregnancy, the skin of the woman becomes extra sensitive because of the hormonal changes. Hence, it is crucial to take a patch test before applying the self-tanning lotion to the entire body. If you experience any rash or irritation, stop applying the product immediately.

Moreover, pregnant women deal with a heightened sense of smell. The smell of some self-tanning lotions can be extremely overwhelming. You should select a tanning product that contains a sweet smell or no fragrance.

How to Apply Self-Tanning Lotion While Pregnant?

It doesn’t matter whether you are pregnant or not; the same rules apply while using a self-tanning lotion. However, you should ask for help when it is impossible to apply tanning lotion on the entire body because of the big bump. You should sit on a stool while applying the product on the toes, legs, and feet.

Follow the Steps to Apply Self-Tanning Lotion

Prepare the Skin

You should remove any unwanted hair at least 24 hours before starting the tanning process. One should exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oil. You should apply moisturizer to the entire body. The tanning result can be uneven when some parts of the skin are oily while other parts are dry. You should particularly apply moisturizer on the knees, wrists, and elbows.

Apply Tanning Lotion

Use a mitt to protect the palms while you apply the tanning lotion on the entire body. Start applying the product from the legs in a sweeping motion. You can use a kabuki brush for the application process on feet, ears, face, and hands.

Rinse with Warm Water

Leave the tan to develop for at least 2 hours before rinsing it using warm water. Use a towel to pat and dry the body gently. Apply moisturizer daily so that the tanning effect lasts for a long time.


We hope now you understand how to choose tanning products during pregnancy. You should choose tanning lotions that don’t contain fragrance and parabens. Avoid using spray tan because you can accidentally breathe the ingredients that can affect the baby’s health.