How to Achieve Perfect Holiday nails using Kiara Sky Dipping Powder

It is every woman’s dream to have a manicure that will last a full two weeks without being cracked or chipped. For the past, this dream was considered a miracle but when nail dip powder hits the scene, it was considered a godsend. Dip powder color is an easy DIY that lasts longer than nail polish and if you want to achieve this, then it is time to hit the sign up button!

Nail Dip Powder is stands in the line between a regular mani and a fake acrylic nail. But instead of using UV rays to seal in the DND polish, in this method, colors comes from pigmented powder. This trend is not that new as it has been around for years now but with the hype on social media, it is becoming more popular and more and more salons are now offering the service.

One of the most coveted name is Kiara Sky dipping powder. This brand has been around for more than 15 years. They pride themselves with providing lightweight and long-lasting nails. They are an essential in every woman’s DIY nail kit and it does nothing but leaves a beautiful nail without causing damage to the nail bed.

The company believes that creating beauty doesn’t have to involve cruelty. All of their products stands with that belief that is why they offer nothing but non-toxic, odorless, MMA and cruelty nail care products. One of their flagship product is the dipping powder. Once applied, the mani is durable enough to last for 21 days.

How to achieve a professional looking nails?

The good thing about Kiara Sky is that even if you do your own nails at home, you’ll notice that it looks very professional that even newbies can pull it off. With tons of tutorials available online, you can surely get the hang of it easily. Instructions are also provided in the package and if you followed it properly, you can do such professional-looking nails that many women will envy you for especially this coming holiday season.

Aside from the very easy application process, they also have amazing colors available and they are simply irresistible. This is the nail dipping system that is perfect for both DIY lovers and professionals. Using Kiara Sky dipping powder will not only help you save money and time from those trips to the nail salon but it will enable to get that perfect manicure look with easy and simple steps.

Here are some of nail design ideas that you can try this holiday season. (Remember, just follow the step by step instructions that came with your purchase to achieve gorgeous looking nails)

1. Holiday Ornaments

Ornaments are not just for trees, you can also draw inspiration from them for your nail art. This is best for beginners as all you’ll need is a red base nail and gold powder for accent. If you are good with tools, you can also draw delicate designs and decorate it with delicate gold Christmas designs.

2. Glitter Dusting

You want to add some sparkle but you don’t want any elaborate design? Then why not try this snow-falling effect that you can DIY. Sprinkle some silver powder on your neutral colored nail and you can now rock the season with ease.

3. Snow Globe Nails

Aren’t snow globes the sweetest thing? Then go for this winter wonderland nail art on your nail bed. Coat your nails with champagne-colored nail dipping powder then get one of those nail stickers with miniature trees and snowman and the good thing about this is there is no need for you to shake them.

4. Sparkly Center

If you are one of those who loves basic white manicure but been wanting to try something new for the holidays, then you’re gonna love this one. Coat your nails using your favorite white powder then add some fun by coating one nail with a gold or silver metallic powder and you now have your own dose of holiday glam.

5. Merry Combo

When we say Christmas the first colors that comes to mind are red and green and there’s no better way to channel it than to paint your nails with these combos. Just cover your nail with your favorite red and green nail dipping powder. You can use a matte top coat for an extra kick and we are telling you, this festive combo is far from being cliché.