Expert Advice

Congratulations on choosing to express your style naturally!

It can be quite confusing as to what to use to maintain and express your style the way you want to. Hold on! With a BIG dose of patience and the Natural Style by FuBu products I am convinced you will rock your style any way you choose to…fabulously!

To answer your initial question, Natural Style by Fubu was launched in 2014! We wanted to make sure the line addressed the needs of naturalista’s so  we invested more time doing in depth research. Without knowing your hair type it is rather difficult to make a specific product suggestions. However, the following tips can be applied to ANY hair type and style (also, check out the styling tips tab on the website):

a) Always start with clean hair. Use the Gentle Shampoo to ensure your hair is clean without having the moisture stripped during the process.

b) depending on your hair type you will want to layer the products. I suggest using the deep conditioner & co-wash. Rinse thoroughly, then apply the Leave-In Conditioner to small sections. This ensures that each strand is coated with the Miracle 9 Complex blend of oils.

c) Depending on your style preference (twists, wash-n-go, braids, buns) select your finishing products.  You might need to experiment with your product mix but the Curl Defining Gel and the Miracle Must Have are two to try. Please check out the product details for more info on each item.

Thank you for reaching out and please let us know how you are using the line!

Q: Last year I did the big chop and have been going natural since then; sometimes with braids. But when my hair is down, I find it is hard to manage. It has been about a year and my hair has grown back in fully and then some. I like my length but i have to use so much stuff on my hair to get it somewhat smooth. It seems much thicker than i thought it would be and sometimes I end up having to blow dry it out a little bit just to make it easier to comb out. I have tried every type of natural moisturizers, curl and different products available and there are so very many, but nothing really seems to do what it says it will do. I just want my hair to look smooth and not like an afro. Then I saw fubu moisturizer and shampoo for the first time at walgreens and want to know more about the products before I buy them, how long have these products been available. And from what I have described above which of your products would you suggest for my hair if I want to try them. I am just about to give up on trying any more new products. Thanks for your help.

Q: Hello I’m trying to go completely natural, I’ve been in transition for about a month now. Are there any products you recommend for my medium thick coarse hair for faster growth?

A: Congratulations on your decision to transition to natural hair! Natural Style by FUBU has an excellent array of products that are designed to help you transition with minimal breakage and increased moisture. Each item in the product lineup has the unique Miracle 9 complex, a proprietary blend of oils that are essential to maintaining moisture in the hair. The first key to healthy hair while transitioning is clean hair. I suggest you start with weekly/bi-weekly shampoo using the Natural Style by FUBU Gentle Shampoo. Next, always include conditioner as part of your hair regiment. The perfect partner to the Gentle Shampoo is the Deep Conditioner & Co-Wash. On weeks you plan to shampoo, use it as a deep conditioner. On the weeks you don’t shampoo, use it as a co-wash to gently cleanse your hair while providing the benefits of deep conditioning. Wearing styles that protect your hair while transitioning will aid in length retention. Our array of styling products will surely help you to transition safely and naturally.