Best Tattoo Care Instructions: Products, Tips & More

Having a tattoo on the skin is a dream of everyone nowadays. Specially young girls and boys want to ink their body and show off in front of their friends to show their creativity and art and look cool as well. Here the thing worth mentioning is that it is not only about the pain of tattoo machines but also the care and maintenance is important. Without proper care and special handling, the tattoo can fade away and give a bad texture on the body. Instead of a bold beautiful design, you will look unpresentable. So here are some of the care instructions, products, tips and many more to take care of your tattoo.


Give time to heal

Give your skin time to absorb the tattoo ink and get healed from the effects of harsh drilling tattoo machines.

Use petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is known for its best moisturizing effects. It will moisturize the skin and help it to heal back in no time. Also it will shine up your body and give a natural glow.

Use Sunblock

Cover the tattoo with at least 30 SPF sunblocks whenever you get exposed to the sun.

Avoid harsh face washes

Avoid products that exfoliate the skin and cause irritation.

Use good products

Use good products for your skin. Dont compromise when it comes to skin care.

Talking about products, we brought to you some of the best tattoo aftercare products. I hope you will fall in love with them.

Tattoo Goo Aftercare Lotion

Tattoo Goo is one of the famous aftercare products and the brand has an extraordinary reputation in the cosmetic industry. This is no doubt the best tattoo aftercare lotion which hastens the healing process and allows your skin to restore the lost balance. It is a gently acting product with a creamy consistency. It gets absorbed in the newly inked tattoo and allows it to heal faster. It does not leave any greasy texture on the skin.

Premium Tattoo Aftercare Healing Balm Ointment

Premium tattoo Healing ointment is ideal to reduce the redness and itching sensation which is very common after getting a tattoo. This healing balm will keep your tattoo soft so you won’t feel excessive dryness and irritation. It keeps your tattoo hydrated and also increases the vibrance of the tattoo ink.

Redemption Tattoo Aftercare

Redemption Tattoo Aftercare is an amazing formulation which is a combination of lots of natural waxes and oils. The natural origin of the product makes it perfectly suitable for use on any skin type without fearing about any side effects or reaction. It heals and soothes the tattoo and keeps it bright and attractive. This balm is a great way to keep your tattoo alive for longer time periods.

Ora’s Tattoo Aftercare Moisturizer

good moisturizer for tattoos can do wonders in your tattoo aftercare routine. Ora’s tattoo moisturizer gives you all the hydration and moisturization your tattoo needs without disturbing the natural look of the skin. The non greasy and water based formula makes it ideal for all skin types either it is dry or normal skin.


It is not only about inking the body but also taking proper care of it. The properly shined and taken care tattoo looks bright and fancy and is appealing to everyone. While a tattoo without any proper care can gives you a bad texture on the skin. Sometimes it can lead to skin problems even. So i suggest you to follow the above mentioned tips, instructions and use the suggested products to take care of your skin and tattoo.