Learn How to Apply DND Glitter Polish at Home

As it is, nail polish looks beautiful and makes a woman more charming than she is. When you have a glitter coat over your regular nail polish manicure, it takes the beauty quotient to an entirely different level altogether.

DND glitter polish looks heavenly on your nails, but it can be quite a challenge to put it on. If you have used glitter polish, you will know that it is quite a struggle to master the art of applying glitter polish. It does look intimidating, as a perfect glitter application can take several hours to dry. Besides, an imperfectly done job could look patchy and uneven. The removal process takes a lot of time, and hence, many people avoid using it. Here is a simple trick that should make applying DND glitter polish on your nails as easy as eating a cake.

Have you ever wondered how nail technicians apply glitter polish masterfully? It is because they have learned this trick.

What is the secret to applying glitter polish?

If you think that applying glitter polish is similar to using any other DND gel polish, you are sadly mistaken. However, if you want it to look heavenly beautiful as it looks inside the bottle, this tip should prove handy.

The apparatus

Before you start with your glitter polish application, you should be ready with the following ingredients:

A regular basecoat – the ones that you apply for your regular gel manicures.

Liquid latex – an optional accessory, but it is advisable to have it ready on hand.

Your favorite DND Glitter Polish – Be creative with your choices.

A Makeup sponge – The crucial part of this trick.

A topcoat application – It lets the glitter polish bind to the nail and enhances its glitter quotient.

How do you do it?

The procedure starts with applying your basecoat in the usual way you would do with any cheap DND gel polish. It is better to apply it in a thin layer with simple straight strokes sliding from the base to the nail’s edge.

You can now proceed with lining the skin surrounding your nail with liquid latex. The purpose is to avoid the glitter polish from sticking to your skin. It can be a challenge to remove it.

Use a thin nail painting brush to apply glitter polish from the bottle to the edge of the makeup sponge. The trick to applying glitter polish lies in this act.

Dab the sponge onto your nail. This simple trick makes it easy to apply glitter polish to your nails. The secret behind this step is that the sponge absorbs almost all the liquid or gel portion of your glitter polish and leaves the glitter behind. Thus, you get all the glitter you need on your nails in one scoop. It is the best way to get dense and opaque glitter on your nails.

You will notice that some glitter does get stuck to the liquid latex protective covering. If it had not been for the protection, it would have been a tremendous challenge to remove the glitter pieces sticking to your skin. You can gently peel off the latex layer and end up with DND nail polish colors only on your nails.

Now, you can apply the topcoat in the usual way to enable the glitter to adhere to the basecoat and not chip off easily. Besides, the topcoat application lends the shine your nail needs to look glossy and radiant.

Finally, you can admire your glitter polish job and show it off to your friends and loved ones.

The Best Aspects of Glitter Polish

Glitter polish adds to the overall glamour feature and makes your nails look more beautiful than ever. You can prepare glitter polish by mixing glitter into your cheap DND gel polish and save costs in purchasing the expensive ready-made glitter polish bottles.

You get glitter at the crafts store at low prices. Buy the smallest texture of glitter to get a dense and opaque finish.

You will require half a bottle of your favorite DND gel polish to mix the glitter into it. It is better to add a few drops of lacquer having the same shade as your glitter. It prevents your nail from showing through the glitter.

Funnel your glitter particles into the gel polish bottle using a creased paper funnel. Fill it to about three-fourths of the bottle as it enables you to shake the contents to mix them thoroughly.

Shake the bottle vigorously to let the glitter merge into the gel polish and stick to it. You can start applying the glitter polish immediately. If you do not intend to use it now, you can store it in your nail care kit bag. However, it is essential to shake the bottle well before you use it.


Is it not easy to apply your DND glitter polish at home without going to a nail salon? Master the technique and teach it to your friends.