Welcome the Summer Months with Exciting OPI Gel Nail Polish Combos

The summer months have arrived with a bang. So, your beach visits will increase, and so will the suntan. While you can avoid cosmetic makeup during the sticky summer months, your nails do not have any such restrictions. You can try out any design with gay abandon and have a whale of a time showcasing them on your social media handles. Here are some summer nail polish ideas that can set the sandy beaches on fire. Your OPI gel polish kit should be an ideal companion to have when you set out creating one innovative design after the other on your nails.

Top OPI Gel Nail Polish Colors for Summer

Nude colors are the blazing trend today

The best aspect of nude paints is that they suit almost every occasion. If you are preparing for an interview, the nude finish can be impressive. Similarly, the nude shades are the perfect ones to have when you frolic around with your friends and children on sun-kissed beaches. Choosing a color matching with the sands, water, or sky would be mesmerizing. You have a fantastic range of golden, blue, and green shades on display when you choose OPI gel nail polish to make your summer vacations memorable.

Do not fear to experiment

The summer months are there to enjoy your hearts out. Hence, you should not feel shy to experiment with your color choices. If you are bored with the regular gel manicures, you can always try out the nail art designs and bring out the creative person from within you. You can have a gay time experimenting with various designs without any fear of people making fun of your choices. Your entire family can join in and paint each other’s nails with the most attractive colors you can lay your hands on.

Sky blue is a hot favorite during these months

The summer months are characterized by clear blue skies and the hot shining sun. You can complement nature’s look by having a matching sky-blue shade on your nails. OPI gel nail polish offers an exciting range of blue shades ranging from the lightest of blues to the darkest hues. This blue shade should prove to be a perfect one when you dance around with your partners at evening parties.

The blazing red hues always have a place in the sun

Though many people advise against dark shades in summer, the blazing red colors are perennial favorites for ages. Today, you have an amazing range of red hues from the rouge to the blush to suit your summer attire. Besides, red is considered to be the most enchanting color of all. You can use these red nail polish finishes to seduce your loved ones and have a rollicking time.

The brilliant whites are gradually picking up steam

The light colors are always preferable to the darker hues in the summer months. The prime reason is that dark colors absorb heat and light, whereas the more delicate shades reflect them off comfortably. Under such circumstances, the whites are making a grand comeback today. There was a time when the plain whites were the least preferred of all colors. Today, people are welcoming the white shades with open arms.

Color combos are gaining in popularity

Today, people feel free to experiment with different hues. They consider it more as a fashion statement if their nails look different from the accepted norm. Teenage girls have taken the lead in popularizing such trends. Some of the best color combos include the orange shades with the greens or the dark browns with the yellows.

The spring hangover is still present

Though the spring season is nearing an end, with the sun starting to blaze around in the sky, the spring shades are still visible on people’s nails all over the town. One must say that the spring hangover does look beautiful with the attractive flowery designs and the beautiful green shades. It will take a while before the spring shades start disappearing. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy an eyeful of color with exquisite designs.

A matching pedicure can enhance your overall beauty quotient

While you see people paying more attention to their gel manicures, one should not ignore the toenails. You can have matching colors on your hands and feet to introduce the element of glamor. However, you should note to trim your toenails and keep them as short as possible. Your gel nail kit comes with the necessary ingredients like the toenail clipper, nail files, and buffers to ensure a perfect pedicure.

Final Words

Though every color can look beautiful on your nails, the summer season has its unique charm. The lighter hues and nude colors rank on top of everyone’s list when choosing their summer favorites. OPI nail polish rises to the occasion by offering exciting alternatives for every shade you favor.