Tips to Choose the Right Gel Nail Polish Color for Each Skin Type!

Gel nail polish is not currently the newest nail technology and method, but it is probably the most applied method. Since the gel nail method appeared until now, it has never shown any signs of being estranged from girls after other modern nail methods were born. Because of the variety in colors as well as the bright and shiny paint and the long-lasting color, gel polish is very popular with girls. Through today’s post, let’s explore Gelixir gel polish colors and check out the Gelixir color chart! Maybe you will be ecstatic at the eye-catching colors of this famous brand of gel polish.

How Do the Nail Trends Change Everyday?

Life and society are constantly changing, everything is trendy today, but it may be the old trend the next day. Therefore, the beauty trend is changing extremely quickly and diversely, the nail models that are both beautiful, trendy and modern are born countless, but how to keep up with the trend if you are too busy?

Let Gelixir gel polish colors do their job. Why not try combining the colors in the Gelixir color chart to create lovely nail designs with many different clothes.

About Gelixir Polish Gel Colors

Gel nail polish has many types but not all of them are good and can be used regularly. You want to have beautiful nails after using gel nail polish to design your nails, but you certainly don’t want 2 pale hands with broken nails and extremely weak when leaving natural nails! Here, we would like to suggest you a nail polish brand that is also quite good and has been present for a long time in the US nail market, which is Gelixir! Gelixir nail gel colors originated in the US, it is no longer a strange name in the professional nail industry when this gel polish is extremely easy to use and it has excellent quality with both beauty and nail care uses.

Gelixir gel color is researched and manufactured on a closed technology line in the US. Gelixir colors polish does not get wet and does not smudge after being cured under nail lamp.

GEL GELIXIR USA gel colors polish with high adhesion, smooth, beautiful color standard 100% high quality paint with American standards. GELIXIR gel nail has up to 144 colors for you to choose from and now a lot of colors have been added to the Gelixir color chart.

Tips to Choose the Right Gel Nail Polish Color for Each Skin Type!

For blue-white skin

This is an extremely easy skin color to choose nail polish colors, most gel nail polish colors are suitable for fair skin.

Colors such as blue, pink or red are always best suited for this skin tone because it makes the skin color look less pale and more vibrant. In addition, they are also recent hot trend colors and are preferred by girls from costumes to accessories.

This skin color is not picky about any nail polish color, you can also choose colors such as light purple, nude brown for nail design.

For dark skin tone

People with healthy tan skin or dark skin are often quite afraid to choose gel nail polish colors for themselves because they are afraid that their skin will look darker. However, when you know how to choose the right paint color, your skin tone can still look healthier and more attractive.

If you are pursuing a glamorous style, shades like bold red or red wine will be very suitable for your nail design. It will make your skin glow and look more.

If you pursue a feminine style, orange, green or light pink will be better. They help your skin look more prominent, especially when designed with glitter. Limit the use of silver or white colors because they have a much different brightness from the skin color of your hands and can make your hands look older.

For rosy skin

Pink and white skin in general is quite easy to choose nail polish colors, you should choose tones close to skin color, with moderate brightness. That will be the way to make your hands look their best. Black, dark brown and yellow will be the colors that make your hands look bad because of their lack of vitality and radiance.

Final thought

Girls, always confidently express your personality through beautiful and unique nails, gel Gelixir will help you implement those nail design ideas and complete your everyday out fit with you.